Second Sam Moyo Memorial Lecture on Sam Moyo and Samir Amin on the Peasant Question

Sam Moyo and Samir Amin on the Peasant Question:

Every year the Sam Moyo African Institute for Agrarian Studies(SMAIAS) holds a Sam Moyo memorial
lecture in honour of its founding Executive Director the late Prof. Sam Moyo who tragically passed on in
2015. The Inaugural Sam Moyo Memorial Lecture was held in January 2018 with Emeritus Professor
Prabhat Patnaik delivering the lecture on theme Globalisation and the Peasantry in the South.

The SMAIAS and Agrarian South Network invite all members of the public to attend the second Sam
Moyo Memorial lecture on Sam Moyo and Samir Amin on the Peasant Question to be delivered by
Prof. Issa Shivji of the Nyerere Resource Centre, Tanzania on the 22 nd of January 2019. The lecture which
will start at 18:30 hrs will be held at Bronte Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe.
RSVP: or
+263 242 708 654



Social Policy in the Global South:

The Challenge of Socio-economic Justice and Agro-ecological Development

The Sam Moyo African Institute for Agrarian Studies (SMAIAS) and the Agrarian South Network (ASN)
will convene an Agrarian Studies Summer School in January 2019. The main focus of the Summer
School will be on social policy in the Global South, with particular reference to socio-economic justice
and agro-ecological development. According to the UN Statistics Division, living conditions in the Global
South worsened after the impacts of the 2008 world financial crisis, and despite partial recovery
thereafter, there is urgent need for renewed and reinforced social policies to alleviate poverty and
empower marginalized groups and communities in a sustainable manner.
The 2019 Summer School will focus on the recent experiences of social policies in the Global South and
look ahead towards more integrated and transformative programmes capable of connecting socio-
economic justice with agro-ecological development. Over 50 scholars and activists from Africa, Asia and
Latin America will participate at the Summer School which will cover the following issues:
– Integrated and transformative social policy in the Global South
– Experiences of conditional income transfers
– Experiences of public procurement programmes
– Gender, agro-ecology and social transformation
– Work, agro-ecology and social reproduction
– Land, tenure and agrarian reform
– The rights of indigenous and marginalized communities
– Rural-urban migration and social policy
– Agro-ecological production and sustainability
– Cooperative production and social transformation
– Food and nutritional security
– Civil society, agro-ecology and socio-economic justice
– Land grabbing and financialization of agriculture and natural resources
– Contract farming trends and policy alternatives
– Climate change, agro-ecology and socio-economic justice
– Global environmental change and alternative consumption patterns

People’s Dialogues

Solidarity Calls for a moratorium on the controversial Pro Savana project underway in Mozambique was a key concern articulated in the joint Press Statements issued after the SADC People’s Forum in Malawi we attended and contributed to last month.