In Zimbabwe, SMAIAS has been at the forefront of the land and agrarian reform policy analysis and debate and has contributed significantly to shaping policies in the post Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLRP) period. As part of the technical committee of the Presidential Land Review Committee in 2003 the SMAIAS provided research and technical analyses (see 2003 SMAIAS monographs) in support of the 2 Land Audits (Buka audit 2002 and Utete audit, 2003) to ensure equitable land allocation of redistributed land, and followed up on this with the largest household survey on land reform beneficiaries (SMAIAS Baseline Survey done in 2007, and published as a monograph in 2009). Results of the baseline survey were published on numerous publication platforms (peer reviewed journals, books etc). The results have also been widely discussed on numerous policy dialogue platforms.