Policy Dialogues

The primary purpose of the Dialogues Programme is to facilitate the development of a clear vision on land as a key economic, social and physical asset for enhancing sustainable development in Africa .

The dialogues provide a platform where stakeholders (NGOs, Governments, regional bodies, private sector and multilateral institutions) can interact with each other so as to share and exchange information on key issues within the land and agrarian policy sectors.

This interaction has notably been absent in the aftermath of the Washington Consensus led Structural Adjustment Programmes which have diminished the importance of Africa’s Land and Agrarian Question.

The dialogues provide a learning opportunity for all involved, including their perceptions on what should be the role of specific organisations, sharing experiences and improved definition of their activities.

The SMAIAS has been active in the producing policy documents, training courses and policy dialogues both nationally and in the region which have been influential on some aspects of the debates. Close to 1200 participants have engaged in the policy dialogues in Zimbabwe. The SMAIAS has also provided support and training for many researchers, students and policy analysts in its field of competence and produced innovative research into topics which have not been well addressed to date; these include the dynamics in land rights, land distribution and agrarian change with reference to poverty production and gender relations in the region.